About Us

Company philosophy

Sing-Flow Seed was committed to breed the latest new generation-F1 hybrid seeds. Uphold the goal of the technology first and quality first, for the production of every seeds. Starting from the source of the crops - the seed, we strictly controlled the quality with patience, perseverance and toughness to the seed selection, efficiently flow-control and the progression after harvest, finally, to cultivate the best variety.

Food comes first to human, so does safety to food. Sing Flow seed has been joined seed industries over the past 30 years, is devoted to seed R&D and improvement; it’s clear to know that the most important moment of seeding onto the land will determine the quality and safety of the food. As the prior supply resource of the harvest, Sing Flow applies the concept of the benefits-sharing, promoting the good quality seeds so that the farmers can make living and the consumers enjoy the good food. Therefore, Sing Flow sincerely guard the every single seed in Taiwan harvesting the energy and hope to the defend the health of modern generation.

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