About Us

Brief introduction

RUEY-LONG Seed Field (瑞農採種場) was founded by Mr. Shih Yao Zong (施耀宗) in early 60’, begun to dealing with the seed contract breeding for more than 20 years. In 1993, the second generation Mr. Shi Chen Dong (施辰東) created Sing Flow Seed Trading Co. to develop its unique modern scientific R&D center and trading the seeds mainly. He enthusiastically devoted himself to focus on seed selecting and breeding tasks; not only to inherit his father’s wish but also providing the seeds in excellent condition and variety to improve the farmers’ productivity and benefit further to build up the fundamental infrastructure for the whole national’s agriculture development.. This is his hopes to do something significant to the famers and his country.

Now, the third generation has joined the team, they take the responsibility to maintain the traditional seeding and improve the seed variety. They also introduce the new biotechnology techniques such as molecular marker to assist the high productivity; diseases prevent and bug-free seed products into the breeding era.

Seed industry is long harvesting cycle industry, integrity is particularly considered among all. The core values of breeding excellent varieties are to keep farmers gaining abundant harvest after all the field jobs. Sing Flow continues to stand out of this industry through gathering the feedbacks from the dealers: pre-studying the sales revenue of varied products and the farmers’ reaction; further to investigate the actual demands of farmers at first-hand, further to pay attention to the shortcomings in order to improve.

Sing Flow has its own R&D section to work for new varieties; meanwhile, also follow up the authorization announcement from government, seeking the variety of opportunities through industry-university cooperative research project and scientific specific plan to actively create more commercialized and innovating R&D products.

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