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The introduction of R & D department in Sing Flow

The Sing Flow's R & D department aims to focus on various research and development of molecular markers used in the seed industry, further to conducting our purposes that provides the severe and suitable DNA analysis technology for the breeders and quality control section in the way of precise, stable, low-cost and rapid test. Our main research goals are divided into three directions: molecular marker technology establishment, molecular markers application, and improving genotyping efficiency. RAPD, ISSR, CAPS, SCAR and SNP are all involved in these directions.

The application of RAPD in phylogenetic analysis to cauliflower inbred lines is successfully completed; meanwhile, disease resistance selection of tomato breeding through SCAR primers dramatically reducing field test work. In the future, we will also develop proprietary primers for the cauliflower specific traits to assist commodity bred. Furthermore, RAPD and ISSR markers for purity test have been successfully developed for cauliflower and cabbage hybrid. The preliminary ISSR identification system for cauliflower varieties has also been established. The next plan is to lead the high stable technologies such as SNP to analyze classification and distinction in details.


Besides studying molecular marker technology, we have also developed a low-cost high-throughput genotyping system. The stage has been successful and field trials cost to compete, along with the detection efficiency several times over. Simple and user-friendly operation will be involved in the next directions of improvement, reducing the burden on the operator and the risk of failure in the operation, so that the section can meet the most stringent request for seed quality control under strict comprehensive environment.


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