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Operation policy

Sing Flow is located in Taiwan with the unique weather and environmental advantage; research and develop the healthy and finest seeds. Due to the worsening global warming increasingly, the heat-resistant items such as Cauliflower, Sprouting Broccoli, small tomato, Chinese cabbage, etc. are the vital items to be researched. Such varieties with special nutritional value or taste are the directions that RD cut into research, through scientific data supporting the nutritional value, emphasizing the uniqueness of the species.

The most important of Seed management is to handle the seed source. The original parent seed is the most crucial raw material for crop breeding. Lack of the raw material, the offspring will not be as planned with special characters. Therefore, to collect and build up the original storehouses is the key to success. Secondly is to create common interests of industry value chain, cooperative partner of value chain have their contribution, under prerequisite this, popularize peasant kind can make money, consumer take happy seed, upstream seed company could make profits. The cooperation also want interests to combine together, such a way can keep good and long-term cooperation.

Sing Flow also distributes new breeds free of charge through dealers to farmers trying to grow. If the small scale with good harvest, large-scale field will be tested to grow. Using the test result from the large-scale grow to organize demonstrations. Set up the propaganda billboards in the testing field to attract the interests of farmers to visit and see as to see is to believe. In addition, the word of mouth recommendation from initial farmers, the effect can be immediate. In contrast, if the effect is not good to grow, indicating that there is room to discuss whether continue to promote. Sing Flow takes the principle of good faith and implement the operation points, continue to accumulate breeding energy gradually firm's sales channels.

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