About Us

Brand story

Sing-Flow Seed was found step by step by Mr. Chen-Dong Shih, who working with his father, Mr. Yao-Zong Shih, to cultivate seeds since childhood. Just like parents taking care of their kids, so does care of the seeds and expect seeds will blossom and fruiting. Mr. Chen-Dong Shih says: ' Seeds and seedling industry are long-term conscience enterprise, very slow to retrieve. We will be able to create hope only with patient, insistence, toughness and uphold the idea of honesty, quality, and service.

The richer farmlands need good variety of seeds, or they won’t be harvested at all. Mr. Shih learned to accumulate the solid experiences from the last generation and breed the high-quality variety of seeds. By the spirit of honesty. He insists that quality first, service first, and dedicate into the seed selection. As the saying goes: God knows what you did, the same as God helps who helps themselves. Sing-Flow Seed uphold such spirit to cultivate variety that adapt to different environment in the world. Let small seed burst out the big hope. It pregnant with infinite heritage of life.

Excel more than blue. The inputs of nowadays the third generation of elite, the only ones that do not change are original intention and enthusiasm to seed selection and breeding. Sing-Flow Seed keeps the benefits- sharing idea of management, extending the dream and hope of seed industry in Taiwan. For Sing-Flow, heritage is not only one small seed, but an enormous ideal!

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